Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Stifling of Creativity

I find myself very inflexible when it comes to my son's behavior, particularly in public. He's truly a wonderfully-behaved, polite and compassionate child. But yet, I often react to the ways he expresses himself as if he were a supposed to be an overly serious 50-year old actuary instead of a creative, energetic six-year old. Why am I doing this to him? Am I killing some sort of creative impulse in him?

Ken Robinson's TED talk on how the public education system stifles creativity has me rehashing some of these questions -- not just about the education system, but how I as a parent influence how he develops his talents and creativity.

Perhaps I should lighten up a little and let his creative juices flow a little more freely than I normally do. Perhaps I should free my mind from the constricts of adulthood and my education, and rekindle some personal creativity as well.

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