Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've been seething all afternoon, since I found out that a friend of mine had lost her job effective immediately because her employer -- Moonstruck Chocolate -- had decided to close all cafes outside of the Portland area. Now I realize that companies need to make decisions based on the bottom line, and that these decisions often negatively impact the people who work for them. But this could not have been an overnight decision on the part of the company. Why didn't they give their employees more notice? Don't they owe that to their employees in return for the employees' dedication and loyalty?

I am only hoping that the Moonstruck employees who remain in their jobs (in the Portland area) realize what a callous, evil company they are working for and walk out the door at their earliest opportunity. I for one, will never consume another Moonstruck product again. I hope that anyone who reads this will join me in making the company pay for their transgressions.

I'm one that believes in a lot of middle ground when it comes to right and wrong, but this is just plain wrong.

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Laura said...

Yeah, but is it okay if I consume the "left overs" before I don't patronize?

I agree with you on the callous behavior of this corporation in particular...mostly because it hit so close to home. It leads to the question of where do you draw the line in protest? Big businesses are laying people off right and left right now. Our lovely example for the day, AIG, who has shown no moral restraint on any level until the "oh crap people are watching" effect took place. How do you protest places that finance, insure, or otherwise support so many other companies?

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