Monday, October 27, 2008

Holding My Breath

In just over a week, I will be sitting in the comfort of my living room surrounded by friends -- and watching as this country hopefully turns the page and starts the next chapter in its sometimes turbulent history. The events of the last few days sadden me -- from the pitiful race-baiting attempt of Ashley Todd to today's announcement that ATF had foiled a planned Obama assassination attempt to the acceptance of racist epithets being tossed about at Palin campaign rallies. On the eve of this country potentially electing the first non-Caucasian president in its more than two-century history, racism has reared its ugly head in a last minute attempt to instill fear into the undecided.

In tonight's comment on Countdown, Keith Olberman made a special plea to the McCain campaign to repudiate this fear-mongering as unacceptable.

But I have little faith in this plea being answered. And for that reason, every time I refresh CNN, I hold my breath -- scared that the headline will announce my personal nightmare where fear triumphs over hope.

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