Saturday, October 18, 2008


Here's a video of a congresswoman from Minnesota talking about what constitutes "anti-American" views.

Ideas and issues are gone. We are now in the home stretch of fear and distortion. The GOP has evidently decided they can't win issue arguments, and so have resorted to attacks that are essentially indefensible. How do you even defend against the accusation that you are anti-American? What is the definition of pro-American. Don't we all -- with the exception of an isolated few on both extreme ends of the political spectrum -- want what is good for this country? We may disagree on how we get to the "good of the country" -- but that doesn't mean we are anti-American,

I just hope the GOP fear-mongering doesn't work this time. The past eight years (or at least since 9/11) are a direct result of the people of this country caving into fear politics and giving the government the power to destroy their constitutional rights. We can't afford to go further down that road.

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