Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Birth of Trust

We all start out behind our curtain of control, whether it's cynicism, bravado, or another of the multitude of protective facades that we use to mask our vulnerabilities. What causes us to draw back the curtain and let someone peer at -- or even take a seat behind -- the controls? What releases us to trust -- to fundamentally give of ourselves in confidence that our gift will be treated with respect and care?

Trust seems innate in some relationships. In others, it takes years -- if ever -- for the seed of trust to slowly crack through our thick emotional skins. But in all cases, it takes the first step, the first peek from behind the wizard's curtain, to let trust emerge. That trust may be broken. It may wither and die from undernourishment. But, slowly, ever so slowly, it may grow into something extraordinary. And, so we step out from behind the curtain and welcome a new soul into our life's adventure.

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