Monday, January 14, 2008

Sitting on a Fortune

Sometime before Christmas, it dawned on me that our living room furniture was in embarrassingly poor condition. Ten years of post-college life followed by five years of kid abuse has taken an irreversible toll on the sofa and love seat. I can't explain the sudden realization, but I was immediately self-conscious of every last stain and smudge that give the couches a general cast best described as "toasted dirt."

So we've decided to bite the bullet and go shopping for new furniture. Our first hour of the quest yielded not new seating attire, but a sideboard for the dining room (which we've admittedly been looking for for years) found for about half-price in the clearance room at Slumberland. Cha-ching! But, alas, no new seating. A couple of good possibilities, but our biggest discussion revolved around whether dark red/maroon will work in our living room.

My lasting impression from Round 1, however, is how expensive furniture is. Fifteen years in between shopping trips leads to a little sticker shock. So whether we go with the cinnabar overstuffed, the leather recliner sofa, or the mocha microsuede, I know at the end of the adventure, we'll be sitting on a fortune.

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